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Sales Enablement

Build Sales Advocates for Your Brand

Increase sales efficiency and gain breakthrough mindshare by using our Sales Enablement and Engagement solution. Stay continuously engaged with your entire channel: DSRs, retail sales reps, and promoters, while promptly delivering relevant information, tracking sales readiness, and incentivizing the right behaviours. Using a combination of various TeamStreamz platform technologies including Gamification,  Intelligent Notifications and integrated rewards, your sales teams can confidently engage with smart customers and drive premiumization.

  • Engage Continuously with Everyone in Your Channel

    Deliver fresh and relevant content

  • Ensure Heightened Retention of Your Brand Information

    Use bite-sized, multi-format streams

  • Track and Assess Sales Readiness

    Continuously measure, monitor, and improve

  • Reward and Incentivize your Channel

    Use instant rewards and incentives

  • Comprehensive Customer View

    Provide users with a comprehensive customer view