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New Product Launcher

Launch Products with Higher Effectivity, Shorter Timeline and Stronger Impact

Use the TeamStreamz Channel Launcher to build a channel where you can launch new products or promotions with greater efficiency, and shorter timelines, with double the effectivity. With TeamStreamz, you get instant feedback and actionable insights from your channel and make new launches highly successful.

  • Real-Time Communication and AI-Powered Actionable Insights

    Real-Time, Autonomous drives channel excitement

  • Swift Learning on New Products and Promotions

    Bite Sized Learning drives faster learning and recall

  • Reward and Incentivize Your Channel for New Launches in An Engaging, Gamified Manner

    Create focus on New Product sales and learning using rewards

  • Insightful Micro Marketing

    Define segments in various ways to drive New Product focus

  • Configure and Segment New Launches at Scale

    Scale New Products quickly through the channel