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Channel Onboarding

Reduce the Churn Rate Impact and Improve Productivity Using Our Superfast and Effective Onboarding Solution.

The last mile sales reps and promoters have the highest churn rate in the entire channel; which means a heavy impact on product sales. With TeamStreamz, you can get a superfast onboarding solution that enables salesforce productivity in one-third the time.

This enhances your overall channel productivity. You can dynamically adjust channel maps, allowing easy registration of new hires and view of your complete channel.

  • Personalized Adaptive Training

    Provide a streamlined learning experience

  • Standardized and Gamified Onboarding

    Conduct well defined and personalized onboarding

  • Incentivize, Encourage and Motivate

    Use Intelligent notifications to incentivize right learning

  • Assess and Certify

    Automated and Intelligent assessments to drive readiness