Supercharge your Sales

Rapidly on-board your new hires. Make them effective in the shortest time

Use TeamStreamz to deliver an engaging, gamified, and pedagogically sound on-boarding experience on mobile

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Capture up-to-date sales information. Improve utilization of Sales Automation Tools

Using contextually delivered micro-forms, timely nudges and game mechanics, TeamStreamz helps drive higher completion rates of client meetings & activity reports.

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Give your Sales Reps real-time insights & visibility about their performance, skills and actions

TeamStreamz captures, measures and delivers in real-time performance & activity metrics to drive consistent task awareness, focus and performance.

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Create trusted sales interactions

TeamStreamz delivers contextualized Sales messages, content and promotions to relevant teams in real-time.

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Deliver continuous, on-the-go, measurable sales training in an engaging mobile format

TeamStreamz shifts your sales training paradigm from “classrooms” to the “field”, from “sometimes” to “always” and from “boring” to “engaging”

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Keep your sales teams in sync with your priorities.

Allocate sales targets. Run sales contests and trade promotions with real-time score boards on TeamStreamz

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TeamStreamz is a mobile-first sales enablement platform for the millennial workforce.

Using behaviorial sciences, learning theories and game mechanics, TeamStreamz powers your sales teams & channel partners to accelerate performance.

“Streamz” mirror the media consumption of millennials


Consuming media on mobile over very frequent short bursts is mainstream!

TeamStreamz delivers Streamz of pedagogically sequenced, easy to flick thru cards for effortless, anytime reference and actions.


Our Algorithm is the elixir of engagement


TeamStreamz’ Cruiser algorithm crafts personalized Streamz based on their preferences, roles, learning journeys, skills and performance.

Working in tandem, our Feed Engine executes pre-defined rules delivering just-in-time, contextually relevant Cards to put your field in cruise control!

Win the hearts and minds of your sales force. Everyday!

Built on the principles of behavioural sciences, learning theories and game mechanics, TeamStreamz mimics a Sales Leader’s positively reinforcing nudges and timely guidance.

Training and tasks are split into gamified micro-modules. Everything integrates seamlessly into the Rep’s daily workflows.

Capture real-time Analytics and Insights

Track sales metrics, field activities and learning progress in real time.

Drill down to individual, team and channel partner levels. Correlate investment in schemes, incentives and training to business results

TeamStreamz is an out-of-the-box, self-serve system.
You can get set in a day




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